I don’t know myself

Have you ever ask yourself a question who you are ? What you like ? How can you describe yourself? What make you who you are? Maybe there was a point in your life when you asked, but when you get to answer those for, many of you it's confused. We didn't put it in... Continue Reading →

Feel lonely

It isn't bad to feel lonely. This you have to understand first. It isn't something wrong with you. You have to understand that next. Maybe for thousandth times you will see that , but for many of us even a thousandth and one talk about that isn't enough. You may wonder, why I decided to... Continue Reading →

‘Winter is coming’

I can honestly say that I'm not a fan of GoT. But before you will kill me or close that post read it. I'm not a fan because, I'm not even watch a whole series. How I did that? That is simple. I read books and watch others films. I'm have 500 films and series... Continue Reading →


Ah coffee. Every single person in internet drinks coffee, everywhere you can see things with 'first coffee' or something like that. There are coffee dessert, sweets. But why? Why coffee is so popular? I can't get it. I drunk a lot of coffee , when I had to study a lot so it was a... Continue Reading →

Do you do what you love?

Many people in generation of ours parents and sometimes us do things because they have to, not because they love it or even like it. This is a way to life, get paid and take care of family. This is sad. We spend hours in work that we hate, we lose our potential. There are... Continue Reading →

‘I love …’ ‘I hate…’

Everybody once said 'I love ...', 'I hate ...', 'I like ...', 'I dislike ...'.  We describe movies, books, dishes, cloths, make up products, arts, views. It's natural for us and we didn't think about it. However it's start to be frightening when we start using that to describe others people without thinking about it.... Continue Reading →


From childhood I was reading. My mom told me that because she read when I was in her belly, and that's why I read. I have no idea if it's true. When I was little and we traveled for a trip I always went to a bookshop and even if I don't buy anything I... Continue Reading →

DIY how destroy your life

Funny title, but it's true. There is a simple why to do those thing. Why I write about it? I have no idea. Maybe to pay your attention on your action to stop doing those things. But remember it's a little subjective and little ironic. Let's start then.      1.F*ck up your friend or/and... Continue Reading →


Every body was at least once on the beginning on the new way. When you go on university or when you move out from your home to leave on you own. Many of us was scared, thinking if it was a good idea. But what if it wasn't? How can we deal with that thoughts?... Continue Reading →

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