DIY :When you are lost

You see, there is a time when you are lost. Because someone died, your first heartbreaking, even your animal died. Sometimes it’s a end of world when you didn’t get to university, or lost your chance to become a actor or model. Doesn’t matter the reason. Everybody have those moment when they are lost, when nothing matter except that one feels what are horrible. What you can do to pass them? I’m not a expert, I’m not doing this things because of course on that time only what I can do are complain about world or something else. I understand when you will think ha god one no one will use that. Perhaps you right, but after a few hours, days you will try do something finally, maybe this will help you somehow.

  1. Write everything down.

Like it’s said write it down. It may be a poem, or simply only words or even a draw. No matter what you use, let take it on paper. I believe it’s a good way to calm down your mind a little. It’s help me with my mind especially at night when I can’t sleep. But of course not always. It my help, my not. But way not? You lost so what more can happen? You can after that fire it if you want to nobody know that you did it, but be careful with that. I believe if you write something down and fire it that help your dream come true or feel connected to world.

2. Go sleep.

Most our problems are just our overthinking. We think what ifs, what wrong, can it be different bla bla bla… What a bullshit. Of course there may be different, better or even worse. But you will never now. So let’s accept and let it be. I now in this hard time it’s like a bullshit, but you will see that is true after time pass. So try go sleep, because sometimes in morning you will feel better.

3. Drink something

It’s funny, because I never drink alcohol so in my case it’s a tea or fuzzy drink, but if you help drinking glass of wine of glass of whiskey, go ahead. Only if you can of course. Why drinking may help? Well.. they don’t. If you drink alcohol they may actually end like alcoholism if you will drink to much. But I’m saying about normal count of that. It’s okey to drink. If you can’t yet drink, drink anything else. Drinking will not help you but keep your body hydrated. Well I actually have on mind that you can’t do anything else so why not drinking? Why not eating? Because after that especially women will say that they are fat, so it’s better to drink something.

4. Go for a walk or exercise.

Of course after you can move from a bed. Why? Many people said that will help you. Well I have no idea if it’s true or not but why not? At least you can walk to a shop for something and still it’s count. When you move you become tired so it’s many actually guide you to sleep if you can’t. So way not moving? If you are more ambition you can do a full body workout or go for a running or punch a punching bag to feel better and release angry in you.

5. Just let it be

I know that sucks and you don’t want to hear all those good stuff or you think that it’s a end of world. But it’s not. It was so many ending of world and no-one happen so it’s kind of comfort you that those what happened to you it’s as well. Take time what you need, let those emotion to be and go. Just let it be.

For everyone is a private end of world, but keep on mind that this feeling won’t be forever. Of course if you lose someone there always will be a empty hole, but those feeling grief won’t be forever because you move on. Like others. Like everyone. We move on a live.


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