New Year Eve

Again it’s time when we will be say good-bay to old year and welcome new. It’s time when we will be looking back and thinking what to change, making new promise on following year. Many women will be trying again to lose weight, man will be again want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Most after two weeks will quit, rest after month, only exception people will achieve what they want. This time of year everyone remind yourself past, wish for future.

Every single one.

I’m also too, but I only have hope for future. I don’t remember my past as well as I should, and I don’t want that either. I try focus on future. But I’m not one of people who say: I will get fit in new year. Why? Because I knew I will fail. It’s like magic of Monday but bigger and a little special because it’s once a year. It’s fancy. I never believe in such a thing. Alright I did but I stop  when I realise and get convince that every single step matters. For example one of my favourite coach, young women, said that if you eat a cake it’s okey, for rest of day eat as you plan if you are on diet. That’s it. Not give up rest day and eat another piece of cake, but instead just go back on right way. It’s simple and if you think about is it’s right. You won’t get want you want when you give up on trying. We are human so we will be made mistake, get a step back. Only what matter is when you turn on right way.

Why for example Wednesday can’t be those magical day? Why 3 p.m. can’t be a hour when you start doing something? No matter if it’s a learning new thing, or those dream look, everything can be achieve only when we are constantly doing it. No matter if you start at 9p.m. or 4 a.m. on Monday, Thursday or even Saturday. Only matter if you are doing it.

But what if you want something but after a week you resign? I will tell you maybe you want something that’s too much for you now, for example if I never run, how can it be possibility for me to run a marathon without preparing for that? So of course I will be discouraged after a week if I want to do that just like that. Try set a real goal, or even a big one but have on mind that you have to first do a small step so you won’t get discouraged after a week. Maybe you don’t have predisposition for something, For example for playing on instrument or dancing. It’s all right if you do it only for fun and because you like it but have on mind that never be a famous one. Sure many if only what may become a good artist. So have it on mind. And last one maybe you don’t really want that. Yes many will say “but I dream about it since childhood”. Maybe you are but you didn’t want that or didn’t take it serious. I mean if we want something really hard we will get that. Because it’s our reward and we want that. But when we don’t for real what then ups, we find a excuse or 1001 other thing to do before that dream, so it’s really a dream?

There is a joke about students, that they will start learning for finals right after they sweep up desert.

But if you are constantly doing something whats make you closer to your dream is fantastic. Even when you have only 15 minute it’s better than non.

This isn’t as happy as should be right now, but there is a truth. Only we can create out own happy or world where we will be happy. Don’t give up anything. It you need a time, take it, but constantly do something. In that way you are much closer than ever before, and it have more chance to become a long term change.

Happy New Year everyone. Try this time life as you want, but life, not only dreaming or saying that. Start live. This is the best what you can make for yourself. 7ce1a43e571714e26c6453e1c30635d0

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