I don’t know myself

Have you ever ask yourself a question who you are ? What you like ? How can you describe yourself? What make you who you are? Maybe there was a point in your life when you asked, but when you get to answer those for, many of you it’s confused.

We didn’t put it in our daily task to think about that. We live in present , sometimes past but thinking about one specific moment not that philosophical question. We aren’t thinking about who we are. I’m not saying about who we are in means who create human. I’m talking about who we are, each of you as a person.

So who we are? You have a answer? That’s great. And now I will say that you are wrong. You aren’t that who you think you are. Sorry, but it’s true. Think about it. First what come up your mind was some describe that you heard form someone or your imagination of you. We don’t each other for real. Only what we is a kind of a image that everyone have. On that image have influence your family, especially your parents dream of you, your friends, everything around. Have you enjoy anything because you want them , not because your parents told you you should or it’s what society wants?

For me, I like dance a lot and sing. Even if I’m in public place on street or something I like to do those thing. My mom like to sing but I shouldn’t do that in public because its look like I lost my mind. But who cares? I like that some much that I can still enjoy it even if I’m an adult now. Should I hide that part of me because I’m not fit to society norms? I can still enjoy that. I was thinking why adult lost happiness in for example Christmas? Why what only matter is be in such a rush to get done everything instead enjoy that time? Maybe it’s only a wishful thinking. Maybe I become one of this parents who cares more the best present for kids forget about spend with them a time. But I want to do anything to don’t. For many dreams we have to work hard not receive them as a gift, and I will do that.

Being where we can be a true versions of us, stat living in our lives, not somebody dream. I’m not encourage you to become a mad person, I only encourage you to start living in your own life, even if that mean that you are a little ‘crazy’ in standard of society. It’s the best option to get know yourself, even when you have not f*cking idea who you are. First stop living in somebody dreams. Start find yourself dream that you want to achieve. The first step is always the hardest. 


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