Feel lonely

It isn’t bad to feel lonely. This you have to understand first. It isn’t something wrong with you. You have to understand that next. Maybe for thousandth times you will see that , but for many of us even a thousandth and one talk about that isn’t enough.

You may wonder, why I decided to write that. It’s simple. Because I have been struggled with that for years and quite lately I finally understand. And I know, many will think ‘another girl who struggle with something, every single girl in the Internet have such a problem’. You have absolutely right. I’m another girl who will be saying about it. And even if only one person will use that, it will be amazing. Even if you may be tired of those topic, maybe there is a person how isn’t and need that again. So here we are.

Why you think you feel lonely? Someone may ask ‘ thinking? I don’t have to think, I’m lonely ‘ . I understand that you are confused, angry at me, but think. Im not asking for much. Do you think that you are lonely because you spend almost all your time alone or you don’t have any friends or you have only a few ? What is in your mind that makes you feel that way or another. Have you a answer? Good. Now when you have answer on mind think about it. If you have ‘only’ a few friends, I will say that’s enough. I think that you better to have only a few friends which are really close to use, and we can depend on them, than have hundred of friends but for real you don’t trust 90% of them. Besides, many friendships didn’t pass test of time, and after school you don’t speak or become just like “hey, how are you? bye”. It’s sad, but it’s not making freak from you. It is what it is. Maybe you feel lonely because you aren’t most popular girl in the school, but when you watch American movie you will see, even if that person have a lots of friends, the end of day she or him stay alone. I can honestly say that I’m not alone at any time of day, because I have friends, who I know care about me. And even if I’m not in touch for a whole day, I know they are there and in any case I can get help from them and they from me.

If you spend almost all day alone, think way. It is because of your personality or some circumstances force you to stay at home. Immediately I will say, there is no reason for you to stay alone in home. You can invite someone if you are sick, or go for a few days for example to your grandparents and stay with them if they are on retirement. Somebody once said ‘Only our imagination keep us down’. So there is a plenty of way to not be alone in home when we have to stay at home. If it’s because your personality, well there isn’t a good way to solve that problem. You have to try do something with that. I have that problem so I can personally say I don’t care about it, I try spend with friend as much time as I can when he is in city, and almost all the time on my phone to get connected with my best friend who study in England. Also I improve my family contacts. I spend time write so I don’t think as much about lonely. In my opinion lonely you are because of you. If you don’t want to change everything just complain, you will stay in the same point  that you are right now, but if you do something you will be far away from that place. I change my point of view. I didn’t think that I’m lonely anymore, I’m happy that I have those a few friends and I don’t care if I didn’t see with them for days. It’s adult life, I choose in some case that way so I can’t complain. I can only change so or I change or I’m not.

Stop complain, start doing.

It’s the best way that really works. I know that I write it almost in every post, but it’s true. Only you can change how it is. Try. It will take some time, but:68932b7aa0112962dfb4fda057ca24bd.jpg


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