‘Winter is coming’

I can honestly say that I’m not a fan of GoT. But before you will kill me or close that post read it. I’m not a fan because, I’m not even watch a whole series. How I did that? That is simple. I read books and watch others films. I’m have 500 films and series watched so far. I’m proud of that. But GoT I never full watch. Yeah, sometime I saw a one episode, but expect nice view and great effects, I completely didn’t understand it, so I can say that I watch it. And most reason I wait with watching till I will watch it with somebody. So I will wait a little longer but at least I don’t have to wait for another season, probably I will have all of them so I feel great.

Today I want to talk about winter. Winter is funny. It’s beautiful and amazing. Have a fantastic shape, it’s shine when sun will come from clouds. You can drink a hot chocolate, wear a Christmas cloths, eat a bunch of cookie and enjoy yourself. Warm blanket, smell of baked cake, you can read a book without feel of guilty. But most of people have a bad attitude. They only see bad things. They see cold, dirty snow. So fast it’s getting dark, you have to wear warm cloths, with makes you look like a snowman. If they have a car they complain on that snow about that.

When we lost that joy, which we have when we were a kid? Then only what we care about, was a play. We went outside for hours for play, only come back to home for meals. We didn’t care about anything. We was waiting for Christmas presents all month to open them. We ate as many cookie as we can. We were just happy. And after a years, we lost that simply joy. All we think are to be more than our neighbours. We have to have more glow in decoration, more cookie, more everything. We lost that simply joy from winter. Why we lost that joy? We should keep that, because sometimes it’s the only time in year when we don’t have to worry about anything (maybe except to not burn all kitchen). We should keep that. Sometimes it’s good to become again a child. We shouldn’t forgot that way of thinking. Even if we feel bag or tired, simply joy of everything to emblaze your day.

In everything you can find something that is beautiful if only you want to see that. Sometimes you will be feel that whole world is annoying you, even small things can bring joy and happy in those moment. Find that and your life will be happier.

Also if you love loving shopping you can use that time to spend nice hours to search for presents for all you are care for and bring them also joy. You will feel good because you made someone smile. You can drink your favourite hot chocolate with your family and spent a nice time with them. It’s only you who decided how to spend those dark time in evening. We should spend more time with those we love, no matter what time of season are, but especially in winter you can do it without turn away from other things. Spend time with family, bring back your kids image about winter and Christmas. Be happy.




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