Do you do what you love?

Many people in generation of ours parents and sometimes us do things because they have to, not because they love it or even like it. This is a way to life, get paid and take care of family. This is sad. We spend hours in work that we hate, we lose our potential. There are people who successfully did what they love or did it for money but I’m talking about those who did they do it because they like it. I know it is easy to sit in front of computer and write those words. It’s very easy. Many people will think ‘again somebody talk about dream job, but I can’t do it I have to provide everything to my family’. I understand that voice. I’m grown up in that kind of family. So I really understand. But, there is always ‘but’.

In these world it’s so easy to do something with your life. You can go to university, on course that will develop your skills, change job, work abroad and in the same time visit your dream cities in the world. Internet is everywhere so few people will find a job in that area. It seems like there are everything in the world right now, but that’s not true. We develop faster than anytime before. So why didn’t try?

Again but. What with things like hobby, passion? If you can’t change job, because it’s to risky to do that, or you don’t mind doing it, what not do things that we love in our free time? And somebody will say ‘I’m to tired to do something else, all I want is sit’ so, sorry that’s your choose.

We can do what ever we want in our free time. I know parents who are in shape and enthuse their kids with passion to sports. Or simply reading books can be a fantastic way to spend free time if you like that kind of activity. If you want to watch your favourite movie 3 times in next 3 days, do it, because it makes you happy. If you want a cookie, eat that cookie, but I you try to be fit, take a stairs, instead of lift(elevator) in that day, if you normally don’t take them. We don’t have to be perfect all the time, sometimes it’s better notbe a perfect, to get know that we still are only human. It only depends on us. If you want to do nothing, you will find excuse and eventually complain that you don’t have a time for nothing. If you want to change something you will do, simply do. Even a small step is worth more than nothing. In my opinion there is always a way, possibility to at least try.

My mother works 10-12 hours per day. I understand she is tired after work and she only wants to relax. But in the same time I have to listen that she is overweight. For me it’s ridiculous, she have time in the morning to prepare some kind of healthy food for work, so this is a small step to change how many she weight. But rather than doing something like that, she play game on computer. So how is to blame? She chose it. Now there is a time in the morning to prepare some food and like a touch of magic wand, she lost a few kilo. And still play game in the morning. There is always a way if we only want that.

My, I think half of life, I complain. I want something but I didn’t do anything about it or I did only thing for show that I was doing something instead really do. So in results I wasn’t able to achieve what I want.  Everything is in your mind. Now I want to do something I do. I will have steps back, sometimes more steps back than forward, but I know it’s depends on me. Not on my friends, my family, even my cat. (You know, if you have a dog, it’s different because you have to going outside for a walk, so if you want to be in shape or lose weight it may be a great idea 😉 ). I’m only the one who are responsible for my life. So if I want something to achieve I will do it. Even if I will have 100 hundred steps back, more precious is those 10 steps forward. And those steps forward get me closer to my dream, instead of not trying and doing nothing.

So why not do what we love when we can? Even if it’s a taking photo of food, just do it. Do whatever make you happy. You have only one life. Enjoy it, as much as you can.59c13d9a3191fb855ed9303ceb086001.jpg

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