Ah coffee. Every single person in internet drinks coffee, everywhere you can see things with ‘first coffee’ or something like that. There are coffee dessert, sweets. But why? Why coffee is so popular?

I can’t get it. I drunk a lot of coffee , when I had to study a lot so it was a great way to stay focus. I drunk a lot of coffee when I was on meeting with my friends. I can’t say I love coffee. I drink only latte, so for me it’s more like a milk than a coffee, because I like a flavour, but not strong. I stop drinking coffee when I pass my exam and get split with friends, because they move out. So why the whole world get crazy about coffee?

All right. Coffee is healthy. This speed your metabolism so I get it that may people drink this for that. This get you fell like you can do more. I used it for that. I get it. But healthy dose is 300 mg of caffein per day. Above that it’s harmful for you health and can be even poisonous. A little scared, is it?

For more scare, caffein is also in tea. Black tea have 100-594 mg per 1l, green 160-450mg per 1l. I know 1l is so much that only few people drink that amount of tea, I personally try to drink at least 3 cup of tea per day. In those days when I drunk also a coffee you can easy see that I was on limit and sometimes even cross it. But I’m alive, I’m fine, but remember if something works for me, for somebody else won’t be have to same effects.

Too many coffee with stress with so faster living will get heart attack, mental problem, and more. So it’s important to stay aware how easy it can be turn in something deadly.

But don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to tell you stop drinking coffee and say that is bad. Coffee is great, tasty and healthy, if you don’t drink it too much. I used to drink it a lot. Rather become a public hate figure, I want here to get your attention on dose of caffein.And talk a little about those crazy giant like Starbucks. Even I say above I can’t say I love coffee, coffee from Starbuck I adore honestly. I have from trip to Starbucks, because in my hometown there is no Starbucks cafe, so with my best friend, we went to bigger city to get those coffee. It really taste so good. But what get my attention now is famous of  Starbuck. It’s amazing, spectacular. At the begging one small cafe, now is the most recognised brand on the world. Isn’t is amazing? I’m impressed. One man build, global brand. Even if they had some economic trouble, now they are a risk to say most recognisable cafe brand on the world. It is a inspiration for those who want to create their own business. Everything is possible. You have to fight for your dream.

So drink coffee and enjoy, but remember to not drinking it to much. In case if you really need it, here a little drip for you. ❤

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