‘I love …’ ‘I hate…’

Everybody once said ‘I love …’, ‘I hate …’, ‘I like …’, ‘I dislike …’.  We describe movies, books, dishes, cloths, make up products, arts, views. It’s natural for us and we didn’t think about it. However it’s start to be frightening when we start using that to describe others people without thinking about it.

Usually women said ‘ I love her. She has so beautiful (put single part of body). I would like to be her/ have the same (something).’ This is insane. It’s okey to be inspired by others. I’m personally  inspired by Kalyn Nicholson. I love her coffee talks, DIY or simply listen what she has to said. Still I’m not jealous, I don’t want to be her, no matter how much I don’t like my own life, it’s my life and I decide how it will be look. I can be inspired by how she lives, and I want to also live in that city, apartment, but still she is she and I are I. She can wear cloths that’s inspired me, but that’s only cloths who wear many others girls. She can used a beautiful lipstick, and even if I will wear the same after that it’s okey because I also have right to like that lipstick too. Still I not judge her. I’m not saying that I like her, or hate or anything else. I’m not desire to be her or want everything that she has. Fine she shows a fantastic chair, but I don’t need exactly the same chair if it will be useless for me. I’m only said that she inspired me, maybe like her, but I don’t know personally her so I can’t say it for sure.

Why we all said that we ‘love’ somebody who we don’t know? It’s sad, when we hear from young girls that they love mrs X and they want to be her. Why? Why we want to be somebody else , when we have ours life, which we can create as we want. Why we don’t create our lives how we want? Those people created that life for them, so why we can’t?

We don’t have opportunity. I can’t agree with that. Okey maybe it’s easier to do something   in USA than in Poland, or cheaper in Canada than USA, but still it’s possible. Someone us must work harder, but after that we have more satisfaction. We achieved something so we can be proud.

We don’t have money. Maybe you can’t buy the same fantastic furniture, but you can find something cheaper which will be perfect for you, or renovate some old or save enough money. In every option we can be so proud. We achieve something.

We don’t have that fit shape. So why you don’t workout? Because you have to move your ass and sweat a little for your perfect shape? It’s ridiculous. I know it’s hard to workout, but there are so many people who did that. Why don’t be inspired by them?

It’s easier to don’t do anything but still want everything. We complain that we want something , but we don’t do a single step to achieve that. Process will be long, but we must be patient. We must be strong. Once I heard if you want something you will do everything to achieve that, if you don’t want something on 100%, you won’t achieve that. 

Everybody knows that!

But somehow when we must do something we forget about it. I did the same. I want something only for wanted that. But now I see, even small step is fantastic. You will have trip, you won’t do perfect as you assume on paper. Most important is to even if you fail, to stand up and move on. You want to eat healthy, but you eat a chocolate? That’s great. You ate that, and that it’s. Move on, don’t punish yourself. We all are only humans. We made mistake, but that don’t mean that we are bad. Maybe don’t eat a chocolate every single day and eat a little less in that day. There is so many option to have a cookie and eat them in the same time.

It’s okey to be inspired by others. It’s sick to want to be others. Ours life is ours, and we decide how it will be look like. Don’t get me wrong, please. This should you encourage everybody to believe in yourself, and start living their life, not others. They never will have somebody others life, they only will lose their live to dream and wanted, rather than live their life and create a life that suits for them.

Stop dreaming, start living.

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