From childhood I was reading. My mom told me that because she read when I was in her belly, and that’s why I read. I have no idea if it’s true. When I was little and we traveled for a trip I always went to a bookshop and even if I don’t buy anything I liked to watch and see books. Harry Potter series I read 16 times , because I didn’t spend money on other book yet. After that I read almost whole books of Agatha Christe, what was too serious for my age but form me perfect. After that I started buy books and collect them, after a few years I want to build a my own library in my dream house. I love books so much. I’m able to read almost in two language. So why there is opinion that young people didn’t enjoy of reading?

I know! From school. Why? Because we are force to read book that only interesting old people or literature student. Sometimes we have to read something that isn’t understand in young age. And in that why we don’t like reading. Other reason is we don’t have a good example. Our parents didn’t read. Even if our grandparents read we usually think that is to old for us and we have time to that. I didn’t blame anyone, I’m only say what I think or observed in my life.

So after this long introduction I show you few of my favourite book. And no, I don’t do it because everybody do it, or because is fall. No, I do it because I’m a bookworm so bad that I have to share with this.


All of them

You may think that I’m crazy, but I’m not. That is the true. If you are a bookworm almost every single book is your favourite and almost every single one is perfect to share. Sure I have books that are my favourite and those who after one read I won’t take them into my hand again. But if I would do that, don’t mean that someone else won’t love that book. I’m kind of person who love thrillers, criminal, sometimes romans and fantasies. But sometimes I read biographies. Doesn’t matters as long I read a good book. If book are write well, then it’s pleasure to read that.

I choose book on the title, and describe on the back of book, that’s why more than a half my library has name like “death” and others who are similar to them. It’s so funny. Lucky for me all of my friend (remember I had only two) read, many my classmates also read so it’s fantastic. We don’t need to be push to read (I mean to read ours book, not required reading), we read because we want to. And I’m able to share my passion with friends and we know that it’s fantastic. My patent to read as many different book is read book before I watch movie. There is so many movies based on books. It’s a fantastic occasion to read and after that watch movie or conversely, to compare those. Sometimes you will be surprise what different story is in movie than in book.

If I can I would change school system in that case. If we want to encourage young people to read we have to show them that there are so many possibility than boring books. If you don’t like Romeo & Juliet that is okey. If you like Harry Potter that’s great or Game of Thrones. Doesn’t matter what you like, only matter that you read.

We shouldn’t be judge based on what we read. We should only find a joy in that we read and if we can read with someone else. It’s nice feeling if you can enjoy something with others.

I really encourage you if you don’t read, to try. Find what interested you and enjoy that. Biographies, thrillers, romans, fantasy, crime, based on true story, erotic, lifestyle. Try everything, if still no then okey, no-one will judge you. But try for yourself, give you occasion to make your life more colourful. Remember only try nothing more.


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