DIY how destroy your life

Funny title, but it’s true. There is a simple why to do those thing. Why I write about it? I have no idea. Maybe to pay your attention on your action to stop doing those things. But remember it’s a little subjective and little ironic. Let’s start then.

     1.F*ck up your friend or/and family 

Yeah. It’s so simple. When you don’t have friend or family your life sucks. A lot. You are lonely, no-one care about you (maybe except your cat or apartment owner when it come to pay). It’s okey, when you need sometime alone. Everybody need those, but only for a moment. It’s bad on long perspective. Someone can say ‘I don’t need anyone, I feel good with my self’. Okey I understand that. There is some people who really feel in that way. But most of us need someone. To talk, to watch movie, to support us. More or less but we need. That why you can’t f*ck up other people. If you lucky you have family and even if you don’t like them and stand them 24/7, it’s nice feeling know that we have someone who cares no matter what. We choose who are our friend. But we need to attend those relationship. Without that we can lose everything. So remember to take care  of them if you want them in your life.

    2. Close yourself on others

I have this problem on my own, and still a little I have. I don’t have on mind to share with everyone every story that happened to you. I mean to be so close that even those who you call close or best friend don’t have idea what your favourite dish is. It’s harmful. You are with someone but still alone. You feel fine because you are with someone but feel  lonely even that. You have to have those who you trust to share with them your thoughts.   You have to learn to be open for others people. If you close you will spend rest your life alone. Like me. I have only 2 friends. I’m not kidding. I was so close that I lost most of my classmate. I have no idea why I have those 2 but I won’t thinking about it. My conclusion is open your self for other people a little more than you are now. It won’t kill you, you can even earn a new friend or love.

3. Lost yourself

It’s important for us to have our own personality. When we don’t have it we are clone of somebody else. But most people don’t want that in their live, they want to be themselves. We want to be inspired by other, act in some ways like they, but still want to be ourself. It’s god, it’s perfect, but what if we lost? When we are lost we feel like we walking in fog, or in water. We can feel normal on the side, but inside we feel. Exactly how? Sometimes we don’t have know what we feel like. Like we stuck. We have to find a way to get our self back. With help of friends, family, or even a doctor or alone. There is always a way to get back, but you have to find a way. You can’t let other people to control your life, you have to. You won’t let your life pass without you right?


There are those which sometimes we forget. Of course I won’t encourage you to destroy your life. I encourage you to never do that. I encourage you to improve your life and live like you want.

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