Every body was at least once on the beginning on the new way. When you go on university or when you move out from your home to leave on you own. Many of us was scared, thinking if it was a good idea. But what if it wasn’t? How can we deal with that thoughts?

In those world you have to be strong , positive, fit , you have to just simply match. But it isn’t easy, when your whole life was so different and in one second it turn for 180 degree. It sucks. It’s scare, paralysed. It can make a real pain.

For example me. I got to university, far away from home. I was so scared, terrified , I feel so badly, I couldn’t focus and thinking. But this was what I always wanted : go to university and move out, but when it came true I got lost. I didn’t know what to do. I was thinking that I could make it anyway, even if it wasn’t a course that i want, however I’m grown enough to face my fear and go with that as a winner. But I couldn’t. I went back home. You think I feel bad about that decision? I don’t. I feel fine. I’m lonely as before, I’m lost in my thoughts like before, but I feel pretty great. Maybe my decision was good, maybe was’n, but know I can make my dream come true : I started blog for real and I will get a profession what will give me a real, well-paid job. I have motivation to prove everyone that my decion was right, was something that it mean to be. I’m not a believer, I’m more sceptical preson. So we will see, how story of my life will be going.

If you struggle with some decision, that make you have to start eveything, don’t be scared. Sometimes we just need more time to first struggle with our thoughts. Or some of us , are in one minut used to new life. I’m not here to juged. Remember, it’s okey if you feel bad at the beggining, it’s normal. Everyone feel that, but find something that help you. For example motivation becasue you get on your dream course, and even it’s so far away from home and you are scared, find joy in that you are on this cousre. If you move out, but you feel bad, speak with those with you were living till now, if it place still can be  your home for a while. It should be easier, because you still have home, what makes a huge diffrent.

Believe me or not, everybody struggle with some situation or thoughts. We can see it clear or not, but eveyone. We need to remember that it’s our life. We decide what to do, but in the same time we have to challenge consequence from that decison. It may seem that you make a mistake, you ruin our life. Maybe yes you are, but only you can build everything again. You have power to decied ‘what is my life will be look like’. I know someone can ask what with unpredictable situation over we don’t have influence. Even if those one happen, after a while it gone. After that it only depends on us what we do, how we act, if we stand strait and move on, or let everything go.

Find something that keep you in line. Find somebody who struggle with the same feeling. No matter what you choose, keep fighting. Keep moving. If it’s to hard, take a step backward. It’s okey. Take a little time to thinking and again move. Remember only that it’s okey to stop and hide for a while, but only for a while. Not longer. Not give up your dream because fear paralysed you. Take a help, find motivation and move. It’s important to just move on, step by step, no matter what.618f77f77050f93b8ff6d9cd9cf553f5

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