Message for everyone

Today let's do different. Make yourself cup of your favourite drink ( my is tea, I love tea, someone else?). Sit down for a 5 min. While drinking your drink, imagine that you don't have full control of your arm. That this arm is paralysed. Can you imagine that feeling? Trying to move your hand... Continue Reading →

Enemie or friend?

Have you ever been so angry that you have to take all your strength to keep you down or your mouth shout? Yeah I think that all of you have been at least once. I hate that feeling. I'm not a talker but I know value of words so I have to get all my... Continue Reading →

Have you ever get hurt?

Sometimes we get hurt. Sometimes so badly that after that even when we have to live with those people and years go by, you still don't trust them at all. Sometimes when we think that 'it's okey I forgive', still there is a voice that tell you 'be carful'. I still believe in people. I... Continue Reading →

Do you think you are brave?

We always are impressed by a brave men and women, how risk they life to save others or even to stand up for those who can't stand for themselves. If not at the time when this is happened, history will make them a heroes. Even those silent. But what if I tell you that you... Continue Reading →

Dream that I want to achieve

There is something in live of human that we want achieve something. If it's bigger that better. How many people, that many those goals, except one, not different for all women - be skinny and beautiful. There are for many a become a fantastic parent, tell a great story form your life to grandchildren, become... Continue Reading →

DIY :When you are lost

You see, there is a time when you are lost. Because someone died, your first heartbreaking, even your animal died. Sometimes it's a end of world when you didn't get to university, or lost your chance to become a actor or model. Doesn't matter the reason. Everybody have those moment when they are lost, when... Continue Reading →

New Year Eve

Again it's time when we will be say good-bay to old year and welcome new. It's time when we will be looking back and thinking what to change, making new promise on following year. Many women will be trying again to lose weight, man will be again what to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Most after... Continue Reading →

Real life : my point of view

Today is a beautiful day. Why don’t do something for yourself? Maybe a mask, bath or eat favourite cookie? Without feeling guilty and worse? You know what?  Screw up everything, every single expectations about my look, life ect. I had done enough. You know what?  I feel great, I'm natural and fantastic and I love... Continue Reading →

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