When you gone

It's been a while, when I'm focused on daily basic and things that will change or not change my entire life. In that time I took to take care of those things I forgot something that matter. Me. I stated this blog to complete at least one of my dream, to see if I'm able... Continue Reading →

Power of your brain

I can bet you that at leat once you have been thinking about your brain. I have been curiosity after I watched 'Lucy'. This movie was amazing, but the same so much interesting that I started to search for more information. But I didn't take it serious, so I middle of other staff I forget... Continue Reading →

Best series to watch

As I mention before I watched so many films, series that I must start doing a list of my favourites. This is so much subjective, that please don't hate me. And one more thing, I have no idea how to make this post look any better than this so I hope at leat you will... Continue Reading →

Why we are the same?

That question I ask when there start every special occasion. Christmas, Valentine Day, summer, winter, ect. Just why? When I go to YT, all I see is Christmas this, Christmas those. It a little annoying. Someone will say " so don't watch if you don't want', but it's not my point. Why video style "How... Continue Reading →

Message for everyone

Today let's do different. Make yourself cup of your favourite drink ( my is tea, I love tea, someone else?). Sit down for a 5 min. While drinking your drink, imagine that you don't have full control of your arm. That this arm is paralysed. Can you imagine that feeling? Trying to move your hand... Continue Reading →

Enemie or friend?

Have you ever been so angry that you have to take all your strength to keep you down or your mouth shout? Yeah I think that all of you have been at least once. I hate that feeling. I'm not a talker but I know value of words so I have to get all my... Continue Reading →

Have you ever get hurt?

Sometimes we get hurt. Sometimes so badly that after that even when we have to live with those people and years go by, you still don't trust them at all. Sometimes when we think that 'it's okey I forgive', still there is a voice that tell you 'be carful'. I still believe in people. I... Continue Reading →

Do you think you are brave?

We always are impressed by a brave men and women, how risk they life to save others or even to stand up for those who can't stand for themselves. If not at the time when this is happened, history will make them a heroes. Even those silent. But what if I tell you that you... Continue Reading →

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